I am an undergraduate at another university, but I would like to take a class at Emory this summer. How do I know what courses are offered at Emory this summer?

Transient students are welcome to enroll in on campus and online courses during the summer. Emory offers a three week Maymester term and two convenient six-week sessions. For course offerings and descriptions, refer to the 2019 Course Atlas or OPUS.

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Do I need to complete and submit a Summer School application?

Current Emory College degree-seeking students do not have to complete an application. You may enroll in courses through  OPUS. Transient students (non-degree seeking) must complete and submit the online Emory Transient Application, letter of good standing from their home institution, and $75 application fee.

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How do Oxford students enroll in summer school courses?

Advisement Required
Students who plan to enroll in Emory summer school must meet with their advisors to plan a summer school schedule before they can pre-register.  Students must bring their Oxford Summer School on the Atlanta Campus Pre-registration Form signed by their advisor to the Advising Support Center in order for our personnel to enroll students in Emory summer school.

Spring 2019 Graduates
All Oxford Spring 2019 degree candidates planning to take summer school classes at Emory will need to inform the Advising Support Center for your Summer 2019 registration access to be granted.  If you have not applied for graduation, we will not be able to grant you access to register for Summer classes.

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How much does it cost?

Tuition is assessed per credit hour during the summer. Emory, Oxford, and transient students are assessed $1582 per credit hour for on campus courses and $1265 per credit hour for online courses. All students enrolled on campus are assessed $135 for student athletic and health fees. Additional fees may apply.

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Is financial aid available?

Emory and transient students must enroll for at least six (6) hours to be eligible and considered for financial aid in the summer. 

For Emory students, a separate financial application for summer is NOT necessary. Once you register for summer classes on OPUS, your financial aid is reviewed and considered if you receive aid during the year. Students are strongly encouraged to register for all the hours they intend to take during the summer, so they can be considered for the maximum aid. Federal work-study or PELL grant is not available during the summer. 

For transient (non-degree seeking) students, a limited number of transient student scholarships are available to help with tuition costs. You can complete the transient student scholarship information with your online application by May 20, 2019.

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Is the Emory Payment Plan (EPP) available in the summer?

Yes, the payment plan is available in the summer IF you are enrolled for both six-week summer sessions.

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Is housing available?

Yes, but you must apply for summer housing. Campus housing is available to Emory, Oxford, and transient students enrolled in either Maymester or the six-week summer sessions. Students live on the Clairmont campus during the summer. For more information and to request summer housing , please review the Housing web site at www.emory.edu/HOUSING.

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How many hours may I register for?

Students may enroll in ONE Maymester course offering. Students may register for up to ten (10) hours in each six-week session. You must obtain permission from your class dean (Office for Undergraduate Education, 300 White Hall) if you wish to take more than 10 hours in a six-week session.

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Where is the Summer School office located?

550 Asbury Circle, Candler Library, Suite 200.

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When is registration?

Emory students may enroll in a summer school course (on OPUS) beginning Februray 8, 2019. If you do not register on OPUS, you may register in person on May 20 (also the first day of class) for first session and July 1 (also the first day of class) for second session. Registration is held in the Office of the Registrar (101 B. Jones Center), 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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What if I enroll in a summer school course on OPUS and then decide not to attend the summer session?

If your plans change, you must drop the course(s) on OPUS before May 20 for first session or Julu 1 for the second session. This allows another student to enroll in the class and it ensures that you will not be assessed tuition for the credit hours. If you need assistance dropping the class on OPUS, you may contact the Office of the Registrar (404-727-6042) or the Summer School Office (404-727-0671).

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When is my tuition payment due?

Summer tuition and fees must be paid by May 24, 2019 to avoid cancellation. Students who register in person on May 20 or July 1 must pay their tuition and fees at registration. Please refer to the Student Financial Services web site for deadlines, policy information, and refund schedule (be sure to click on the withdrawal schedule tab).

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More Questions?

Please contact:

Summer Programs
Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Candler Library Suite 200
550 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322 

Phone 404-727-0671
Fax 404-727-6724
Email SummerPrograms@emory.edu

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